Smart Key Tag – Erste Bank Group

Smart Key Tag – Erste Bank Group

Oh hey, nice. It’s another promo item, a keyring pendant. Thanks.

Better look again, because this is something you haven’t seen before. Issued by Erste Bank and Sparkassen Group, the practical key tag supplements and enhances one of the bank’s most recent innovative products – the BankCard Micro. With its unique and compact size the banking card provides the financial institution’s clients with more flexibility in their daily life, upgrading the way they pay. Until recently the card could be worn around the wrist, wrapped into a sporty silicone wristband provided by the bank.

Wristbanditz have been commissioned to develop a new product featuring the BankCard Micro. Not another bracelet, we said, even though we consider ourselves the most passionate NFC wristband developers in the country. For this particular application we believed that an intelligent key accessory has the higher potential and would create more value to its owners. Because of its unique shape, it can carry the bank’s NFC BankCard Micro and will open a whole new universe of possibilities for the way you will pay in the near future.

With your keys at arm’s length you can profit from a growing infrastructure of NFC-enabled POS systems. The banking codes and limits remain unchanged in relation to your existing Erste Bank and Sparkassen BankCards.

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