Velo-City 2017 – The Global Cycling Conference

Velo-City 2017 – The Global Cycling Conference

Client: City of Nijmegen (NL)
Event-Date: June 2017
Venue: Nijmegen Concert Hall de Vereeniging
Number of guests: 1500

The ECF’s (European Cyclist’s Federation) Velo-City series of conferences is widely considered as the premier international planning conferences on cycling.

The conference brings together those involved in policy, promotion and the provision of cycling facilities and programs. Engineers, planners, architects, environmentalists and industry representatives join forces with government at all levels in order to build effective trans-national partnerships to deliver benefits worldwide.


Wristbanditz were assigned to design and implement an innovative and efficient infrastructure for the general accreditation of guests, as well as for the access control to workshops, off-sites and related events. The system should speedily check-in guest as well as linking them up automatically to a local bike sharing system.


The Wristbanditz event cloud imported all relevant guest data and was synchronized via an API to the organizer’s ticket shop. A complex system of workshops and off-site events was adopted into our system in order to check the guests’ access rights the location.

At the conference site, registration desks were set up with laptops, barcode scanners and NFC readers, which were operated by a professional crowd of Velo-City Ambassadors. (Time to explain the system to the staff: 10 minutes)

Upon arrival, guests were accredited via their ticket code and were equipped with NFC conference wristbands equipped with NXP’s NTAG213. When they wanted to enter a workshop, off-site or related evening event, all they had to do was hold up their wristband and have it scanned by the friendly staff at the entrance with the handheld Famoco NFC scanners. (Time to explain the system to the staff: 1 minute, but definitely not much longer than a beeeep.)

As a bonus feature, the wristband which was individually linked to the personal ID of the guest could also be used to rent bikes via the company Nextbike, who had 400 bikes set up for the cheerful two-wheeler crowd.

All in all, the check-in to the event was fast and efficient, our Event Cloud generated an advanced basis for evaluation and analysis to the organizers and enhanced the overall event experience for the conference guests.


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