Introducing a new generation of event performance

We combine technology and trendsetting accessories.

Our system handles check-in situations, enables cashless sales transactions, controls photo stations,
submits information and facilitates gamification such as treasure hunts.

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Event Cloud

The Wristbanditz Event Cloud provides technology-driven marketing solutions.
We tailor our services to intensify the customer’s brand experience and to keep you as a host connected with your audience.

On-site, the events are equipped with hardware, tablets, smart phones and laptops that communicate with the wristbands.

Our diverse roster of clients includes premium brands, extravagant events such as gala and award ceremonies, concerts or festivals, high profile event professionals and premier PR and marketing agencies. They take advantage of our superior products and services and leverage this system to benefit their marketing and brand building efforts. Our concept intensifies direct communication with the customer and generates valuable sales leads.

We are service oriented. Together, we analyse your requirements and lay out a set of standardized event apps and modules customized to your needs.

Industries we have worked with include but are not limited to lifestyle, fashion, design, commercial, automotive, F&B, sports, theme parks and the hospitality industry.








Photo credits

Red confetti: Goodlife Crew
Check-in: Elena Azzalini