Trinkreif + Kristiania Lech | All Together Now

Scope: Colourful community wristbands to mix, match and collect
Category: Community
Location: Lech am Arlberg
Year: 2023


All together now is a concept born from the desire to unite a creative, international and epicurean community in the Austrian Alps. It appeals to all those who appreciate beautiful things and like to turn to the highlights of nature, human creativity and existence.

Enjoy summer 1444m above sea level with like-minded souls who love immersing themselves into culinary adventures and artistic experiences, while being surrounded by beautiful nature and the most stunning mountain landscape. 

This offering attracted curious hedonists, urban travellers, artlovers food aficionados and wine enthusiasts who wanted to self-indulge while at the same time share their passion with community.

The boutique hotel Kristiania Lech and Trinkreif, a wine rarities dealer from Vienna, have developed an unusual agenda for summer 2023 that brought together open-minded, curious gourmands from allover the world.

Gertrud Schneider (Hotel Kristiania) and Clemens Riedl (Trinkreif) welcomed their All together now guests as co-hosts. 

All Together Now

The visionary concept All together now pushed the boundaries between hosts, guests and their traditional roles. Work and holiday wasn’t to be taken so seriously either, offering the possibility to blur the lines and loosen the boundaries. 

Newly developed room categories allowed each guest to decide for themselves on their degree of involvement. From immersive culinary adventures to artistic experiences, from moments of movement to tranquil relaxation, guests were surrounded by like-minded souls who joined in on this delightful community experience.

Rejoicing in on these vibes, we provided community wristbands in eight fresh colours reflecting the cheerful backdrop found at Kristiania Lech and the in the surrounding landscape in the summertime. The central statement All together now was a perfect reminder of the community values, embodying the spirit of the event and providing guests with a wearable piece of the Lech summer experience.

Soon they were collected and matched with moods of the day or fashionable outfits. 

Our Approach

You Can Never Have Too Many

Mix, Match + Collect

Guests enjoyed mixing and matching the colourful wristbands with their daily outfits and moods, collecting them as souvenirs that represented their journey and interactions within the community. The wristbands became personal keepsakes that encapsulated the essence of the sweet summer moments at Kristiania Lech.

Follow The Light

The wristbands were created to reflect the colors, light and textures found in the alpine landscapes. The design process involved a collaboration with the branding experts Karin Novozamsky and Sandra Reichl from A Passion Thing, who were responsible for the authentic and creative appearance of the project.


Create Summer Vibes

Kristiania Lech is traditionally celebrated as a premier winter recreation destination. The goal was to shift the focus from skiing and snowy peaks to lush green and colourful landscapes, infusing the event with the activities of the warmer season. The colorful wristbands celebrated and supported this transformation, mirroring the natural beauty and artistic energy of Lech in summertime.


All Together Now transformed Kristiania Lech into a vibrant summer retreat. By fostering an international community and nurturing a place that appeals to all the senses, the event turned the charming hotel into a hub of summer excitement. The colorful wristbands symbolized the joyful atmosphere, showcasing Lech’s potential as a year-round destination. It hightlights the power of innovation, bringing people together and redefining traditional spaces.

Image Credits

Nicky Webb, Stefanie Lischka, Tino Rischawy via Unsplash