Vienna Tourist Board | Luxury Cercle Vienna

Scope: NFC wristband as a medium to surprise and convey a new image video 
Category: Innovation
Location: Belvedere 21, Vienna
Year: 2021


Vienna’s mix of historical grandeur, cultural richness, and modern vibrancy makes it irresistible to tourists. The city’s efforts to enhance tourism infrastructure and commitment to sustainability ensure it remains a top destination.

As the capital of Austria, Vienna is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, historic landmarks, and vibrant lifestyle. One of Europe’s most significant cultural hubs, Vienna attracts millions of tourists annually, making it a magnet for visitors worldwide. The city’s well-developed infrastructure also makes it an accessible and convenient destination, with an efficient public transportation system and an International Airport connecting to global destinations.

The influx of tourists contributes significantly to the hospitality, retail, and service sectors. According to the Vienna Tourist Board, the city welcomed over 17.2 million overnight stays in 2022, generating substantial revenue and creating numerous job opportunities.

Bespoke campaigns target affluent travellers by promoting Vienna’s unique blend of imperial charm, culinary delights, and cultural richness. These campaigns aim to attract Ultra High Net Worth Individuals by showcasing Vienna’s opulent lifestyle and exclusive experiences.

Luxury Cercle Vienna

Continuing its tradition of luxurious hospitality, Vienna showcases ongoing high-end hotel openings while also nurturing its well-established hotel community. The premium hotels offer lavish accommodations and amenities designed to cater to discerning guests, enhancing Vienna’s appeal as a premier luxury destination

The Vienna Luxury Cercle, launched by the Vienna Tourist Board, is an exclusive initiative aimed at attracting high-end travellers to Vienna. This program focuses on highlighting the city’s luxurious offerings, from upscale accommodations and fine dining to exclusive shopping experiences and cultural events. 

A special edition event took place at Belvedere 21 where the hospitality community gained interesting insights into the travel trends of the luxury travel market and experienced the exclusive premiere of the image video Vienna – A luxurious journey. The campaign aims to inspire the appetite of luxury guests for Vienna.

Upon arrival to the event guests received a premium golden wristband, carefully embossed with the lettering of the occasion. The wristband also held the URL to the image video Vienna – A luxurious journey via an NFC chip hidden underneath a silver plaquette. 

Watch the image video Vienna – A luxurious journey here

Our Approach

Stay Gold

Charming, Digital Assistant

Norbert Kettner, CEO of Vienna Tourism presented interesting insights into the travel trends of the luxury travel market. As a highlight of the event, he unveiled the newly created image video Vienna – A luxurious journey. The film gives an insight into the opulent soul of the city and shows the luxurious facets of Vienna.

Surprise Effect Inside

When guests arrived at the event venue, they received a golden wristband with the event’s mission embossed. Nothing too crazy, guests may have thought. The true surprise unfolded when the premiere of the new image video was announced and revealed through the NFC chip, smartly hidden in the wristbands.

Shine Brightly

Vienna – A luxurious journey delves into the opulent soul of the city, showcasing its luxurious facets. Like no other city in the world, Vienna shines brightly with the high culture of pleasure, art and craftsmanship. The design and material of the wristbands reflect on the city’s rich heritage. 


Vienna’s strategic initiatives such as the Vienna Luxury Cercle highlight its exclusive offerings and attract high-end travellers. Employing elegant NFC wristbands to unveil an image video highlights their ability to merge luxury with innovation, reinforcing Vienna’s reputation as a forward-thinking leader.

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Rainer Fehringer for Vienna Tourist Board, Stefanie Lischka, Arpad Czapp, Chris Linnett, Martin Katler, Eric Hong via Unsplash