All together now

A delightful summer community

All together now is a collaborative effort by Kristiania Lech & trinkreif. It was a Summer that brought together open-minded, curious gourmands from all over the world.

The concept was created for all those who appreciate beautiful things and like to turn to the highlights of nature, human creativity and existence. The breathtaking natural backdrop of Lech am Arlberg and the perfect location of Kristiania Lech provided the ideal conditions for a summer that appeals to all the senses with numerous activities revolving around cuisine, art, movement and relaxation.

Enjoyable. Like-minded. Joining. Participating. All. Together. 1,444 metres above sea level.

Our wristbands in eight colourful variations underlined the motto of the summer: all together now!

Client: Kristiania Lech, trinkreif
Scope: Community wristbands in eight beautiful colors
Location: Lech am Arlberg
Photography: Nicky Webb
Year: 2023