Austrian Economic Chamber | BOLD Community

Scope: NFC wristbands functioning as digital business cards
Category: NFC
Locations: Conferences and Meetups in Vienna, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and around the world
Years: 2022-2024


The BOLD Community is an initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Its mission is to grow a global network of entrepreneurs, visionaries and thought-leaders and to promote innovation and collaboration.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber represents the interests of more than its 540.000 Austrian members companies. It strongly supports innovation as a crucial driver for economic growth and competitiveness. The Chamber encourages innovation through business support for their members, organizing networking events, providing educational programs, advocating for policies that foster a favourable business environment, granting market information and research and much more.

Advantage Austria is the Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation associated with the Austrian Chamber. With around 100 offices in over 70 countries, the offices provide a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners.

Together, the Austrian Chamber and the Foreign Trade Office have initiated the Bold Community in 2022. The community’s mission is built on Austria’s strategic commitment to generate more international business opportunities, to help build strong relationships with international partners and to foster innovation through the exchange of ideas and expertise.

The Bold Community builds on the existing structures of around 100 foreign trade centers and can therefore access a well-established international network. Their aim is to facilitate the development of projects, collaborations and business opportunities across countries and sectors.

Our wristbands have journeyed around the world with the Bold Community, carrying this mission forward and helping community members connect and network.

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m BOLD.

It’s the Bold Community’s mission to spark unconventional ideas, to facilitate knowledge exchange, and strengthen Austria as an innovative business hub. To empower groundbreaking projects is the initiative’s ultimate goal.

The new community leverages its global network and hosts events that facilitate serendipitous interactions, enabling members to meet both in-person and within digital realms. They like to call their networking format manufactured serendipity. This concept involves creating deliberate and meaningful opportunities for unexpected and productive encounters and it is implemented through curated matchmaking.

When they requested our support to highlight their message on wristbands and provide a tool for community members to network and exchange contacts effortlessly, we were excited to confirm that we could deliver this unique solution.

Our Approach

Support Bold Minds Who Collaborate

Spark Conversations

Networking at business conferences can be challenging. Where to start, who to speak to first? The manufactured serendipity format in alliance with our wristbands seem to enable the perfect wizardry for the Bold Community members.

Exchange Ideas

As conversations unfold, participants are free to share knowledge and exchange unconventional ideas, all while knowing they are united by a shared mindset and values. Wearing the powerful message “I’M BOLD” on their wrists reinforces this connection.

Wrap, Tap and Connect

Before parting ways, exchanging contact information is essential for future collaborations. With a simple tap on the wristband, a digital profile appears, seamlessly transforming serendipity into collaboration.


The Bold Community’s innovative use of NFC wristbands exemplifies how modern technology can transform networking into an intuitive, seamless experience. By facilitating effortless connections and promoting dynamic interactions, the Bold Community is not just fostering collaborations but also driving forward Austria’s vision of global innovation and cooperation.

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