RBI Group | Exclusive Summer Cocktail

Scope: NFC wristbands, pre-registered invitation mailings and digital check-in
Category: Guest management
Location: Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna
Year: 2017



Raiffeisen Bank International leads the banking industry through regional expansion, digital innovation, and comprehensive service offerings. Known for its pioneering spirit and tailored financial solutions, the bank leverages its regional expertise and builds strong customer relationships.

As part of the larger Raiffeisen Banking Group, RBI is headquartered in Vienna and provides a wide range of services including corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, and asset management.

The bank is particularly noted for its strong market presence and extensive branch network in the CEE region, making it a key player in this area.

Raiffeisen Bank International is considered a pioneer in its industry. The bank was one of the first Western banks to enter many of these emerging markets, bringing modern banking services and infrastructure to areas that previously had limited access to such facilities. This early and sustained commitment has allowed RBI to build deep regional expertise and strong customer relationships.

Special Guests

To celebrate successful milestones, Raiffeisen Bank International invited customers, partners and stakeholders to an exclusive evening at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna. This event was part of RBI’s efforts to engage and appreciate its valued clients, offering a luxurious and elegant setting to foster relationships and network with prominent figures in the business and financial sectors.

The Palais is known for its historical significance and grandeur provided an exquisite backdrop for the evening. Such events underscore RBI’s commitment to maintaining strong connections with its key stakeholders, showcasing their appreciation and dedication to personalized client engagement.

We assisted enhancing the overall experience for the attendees by formulating a concept whereby pre-encoded NFC wristbands were distributed to the invited guests ahead of the event. These wristbands then allowed seamless access to the venue, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-in process. The use of NFC technology not only enhanced security but also provided a modern and convenient experience for the attendees, reflecting the bank’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions for superior client engagement.

Our Approach

Advanced Solutions For Pioneers

Pre-Registered Mailings

The process and implementation of invitation mailings is an important task and can be challenging even for the most accomplished event manager. During this stage we helped the RBI corporate event team create a concept whereby emails with digital registration were sent prior to the event. Upon registration, guests received personalized pre-encoded NFC wristbands with a beautiful invitation card.

Fast Lane Entry

As the event approached the focus shifted to a concern that all invitees might arrive at the same time and how to check them in efficiently. To avoid the dreaded bottleneck at the entrance we provided fast-lane entry lanes for all guests who were equipped with their pre-mailed NFC wristband. Only 1% of the guests forgot to bring along their wristband and they received a backup wristband on-site. 

Agenda At Arm’s Length

On top of the quick access to the event, the NFC wristbands also held a surprising feature in place. Once tapped with the guest’s smartphone, the wristband revealed the event agenda which was a practical highlight for users during the evening. Another tap after the event and a photo gallery of the memorable evening showed up on the smartphone.


The summer cocktail event at Palais Liechtenstein successfully showcased Raiffeisen Bank International’s dedication to client engagement and innovation. By implementing NFC wristbands for efficient access and interactive event features, RBI not only streamlined the guest experience but also reinforced its commitment to utilizing modern technology to enhance client relationships and event management.

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