yamyam event production | Salzburg Summit

Scope: Digital registration and event access to multiple event locations
Category: NFC
Locations: Salzburg Congress, Residence, Hotel Sacher Salzburg
Years: 2021-2022



The Salzburg Summit is a prestigious international conference organized by the Federation of Austrian Industries. High profile leaders and innovators from politics, science, business, and culture get together to discuss and address significant global trends and challenges.

The Federation of Austrian Industries organises an annual business summit for thinkers and implementers from politics, science, business and culture. It brings together bright minds to discuss and address trends and developments at European and global level. 

Featuring keynote speakers and panels, the event covers topics such as global policy, strategic autonomy, financing the future, and innovation in artificial intelligence. It serves as a platform for exclusive exchange of ideas, fostering collaboration and thought leadership. The summit is set against the backdrop of the Salzburg Festival, adding cultural richness to the intellectual discourse.

The summit attracts over 200 high-profile participants, including CEOs, politicians, and thought leaders from Austria and around the world.  to a diverse and insightful dialogue on global issues and innovations.

A Commitment For Europe

Maryam Yeganehfar ist the CEO and founder of yamyam event production. Her Iranian roots explain her passion for storytelling and creativity. She is known amongst her clients and partners for her natural sense of style, inspired by the vibrant colours, poetic fairytales, and natural abundance of her heritage.

Maryam is a distinguished event designer who is particularly renowned for her ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into splendid, theatrical environments, transforming her clients’ visions into inspiring reality. For the Salzburg Summit Maryam and her team stunningly transformed different locations in Salzburg to cater for multiple meeting venues during the two conference days.

Guest registration was managed with digital event software and NFC wristbands to check entry permission and then grant access for validated conference participants. The challenge was to organize multiple access points who were all equipped with dedicated hardware for registration and check-in operations. The NFC wristbands were embossed with the conference’s slogan A Commitment to Europe and blended in perfectly with Mayam’s elegant colour concept.

Our Approach

High Tech, High Touch

Secure Entry Control

Each wristband was pre-encoded with the participant’s access credentials, allowing for quick verification at multiple entry points equipped with dedicated hardware. This efficient system ensured that only validated conference attendees could access the various meeting venues, thereby maintaining the integrity of the event’s security protocols.

Enhanced Guest Experience

By integrating NFC technology we streamlined the registration and check-in processes, minimizing wait times and enhancing security. The NFC wristbands were designed to complement the sophisticated aesthetic of the event, blending perfectly with the elegant color concept.

Badge-Free Zone

Embossed with the conference’s slogan A Commitment to Europe, the wristbands not only served the functional purpose as registration and check-in tool but also acted as a stylish accessory reinforcing the event’s core theme and fostering a sense of unity and purpose among the participants.


The Salzburg Summit successfully integrated NFC wristbands to enhance security, streamline access, and elevate the attendee experience, perfectly aligning with the event’s sophisticated aesthetic and thematic message. This innovative approach facilitated seamless networking and efficient check-ins, reinforcing the Summit’s commitment to European collaboration and global dialogue.

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