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Setup instructions and FAQ for activating your digital business card

1. Create a Tapni Account

Download the Tapni App or visit tapni.com

2. Customize your content

Edit the profile and compose your personal business card. 

Add your contact details, social profiles and create custom links to landing pages or multimedia files you want to share

3. Activate your wristband or card

Click the activate tag symbol in the Tapni profile. Scan the QR code on the card or on the wristband folder to connect the gadget with your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card represents business contact data in an online profile. Your individual online profile can be accessed via a specific URL in the browser or an App. For easier access, you can reach this online profile via an NFC*-enabled smart card, an NFC-enabled wristband, or a QR code printed on the smart card.

Say Hello to your new essential sales & networking companion!

Using NFC wristbands or cards to share your contact details

With a smartphone tap on the NFC slider on the wristband you or your business networking partner will be directed to the same online profile information as your digital business card. It links to your very personalized business profile.

The NFC functionality of the wristbands might be compromised if they are wet or moist. Make sure the wristband and the NFC slider are completely dry before you tap them.

Say Hello to your new essential sales & networking companion!

How do I use my digital business card: Tap or Scan!

There are two ways to use your digital business card – either tap (NFC) or scan (QR code) it:

Tap the card to the back of an NFC-enabled smartphone of the person you want to share your contact details with. Depending on their smartphone model – the system will take your business networking partner directly to your personal online business profile (i.e. Huawei, Vivo). On an iPhone, a notification will pop down from the top of the display, and tapping that notification with your finger will open your personal business profile. On Samsung phones your business networking partner might have to select which browser they want to open the business profile with.

Once the online profile is accessed, your business networking partner has the possibility to save your contact by clicking on the top left tile. A click on the “Save Contact” button opens your V-card and can be saved locally.

In addition to sharing your contact details, we have provided specific links that will be valuable for your marketing and networking activities (i.e. Voluson Club, Voluson Club registration, Cleaning & Disinfection).

Alternatively to tapping the NFC chip in your business card or wristband, you can present the QR code on the smart card. The redirection to your personal business profile will be the same.

Where is the NFC reader on the different smartphone models?

Iphone: the NFC reader is located at the very top on the back of the iPhone

iPhone models X and below require an NFC Reader 3rd party App, which you can download in the Appstore, for example this here:


Android: most Android phones have the NFC reader in the center at the back of their phones

Troubleshooting the NFC functionality

Reasons for your business networking partner not being able to activate your digital business profile via NFC:

  • phone cover or case is in the way
  • smartphone reader is not close enough to the NFC tag (you can lightly tough it)
  • NFC tag is moist or wet and therefore the scanning ability might be compromised
  • NFC functionality is deactivated (Android users!)
  • smartphone phone needs a 3d party App to read the NFC tag
  • smartphone isn’t NFC enabled (very rare)

Troubleshooting the QR code functionality

All iPhones have the QR Code scanner integrated with the camera App. 

Some Android smartphones might need a 3rd party App to scan the QR code.

Reasons for not being able to scan the QR Code:

Why should I use this?

Your brand represents innovative products and services and so should your networking activities.

In today’s business world, presenting and exchanging paper business cards is outdated and unpractical. We have therefore sourced a modern and professional solution to present and exchange your business contact details.

Networking and exchanging contact details with customers and business partners is essential. Let’s get ready for a digital contact exchange in style!

Who or what is “tapni”?

Tapni is an innovative software provider hosting and managing your business profiles. They are based in Vienna, Austria.


Can I tap or scan my own NFC smartcard or wristband?

Sure you can! You will be directed to your own personalized online profile. Depending whether you are logged into your account or not, you will be able to edit your profile picture.

Try it!

Data Privacy Statement – what happens with the data?

The data are located in the cloud in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. Tapni hosts and manages the data via their cloud platform. They underlie the Austrian Data protection regulations.