Content is king, message is queen

We love the kind of design and inspiring statements that connect people. Finding your message is part of the challenge and we’re happy to support you on this journey. Ultimately, our wearables are created to inspire powerful and positive experiences.

The Keepsake

Made to easily snap-on and snap-off, this wristband can be anything from a stylish event accessory to a smashing piece of merchandise. Now it’s up to you to find the perfect message for your cause.


Make the most out of 11cm pure space for your message, logo or pattern. We provide a template for you to insert your individual artwork.

Color, Texture, Effects

Pigments! A great way to spark joy, signal affiliation and identity. Choose from an attractive leather grain, matt or glossy metallic surfaces.


Each wristband can be adjusted via snap buttons. We also offer two standard sizes.

The Safeguard

Do you have high security standards at the entrance but are you tired of treating your guests like teenage festival goers? Meet our elegant satin version suitable for luxury brands and events.


Time to get creative with your message, logo or pattern. We provide a template for you to insert your individual artwork.


Choose from an extensive range of colours.


Each wristband is adjusted with a sliding clasp that securely locks the wristband to the wearers hand.

The Wizard

Let’s upgrade the way you communicate with your target group. Create captivating experiences using NFC Technology for campaigns without compromising on the look and feel.

Event experience

The check-in area is one of the best places make your guests feel truly welcome. Exceed expectations by going digital while remaining personal and authentic at the same time.

Digital business cards

Bye bye business cards. Hello new ways of sharing your contact details. Are you bold enough to try something new for your brand?