W3 Create | Female Future Festival

Scope: Elegant secure lock wristbands to highlight the central festival message and providing secure access to the festival area
Category: QR Code
Locations: Munich, Bodensee, Zurich, Vienna
Year: 2024



The Female Future Festival celebrates and promotes female empowerment and leadership across diverse industries. By showcasing successful role models and fostering dialogue, it aims to inspire and empower women in both their personal and professional lives.

By providing a platform for women from diverse professional backgrounds, including students, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals, the Female Future Festival invites all those who seek inspiration, networking opportunities, and personal and professional growth.

The 2024 festival series features a comprehensive program with key events scheduled in Munich, Bregenz, Zurich and Vienna. The program includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and masterclasses covering topics such as leadership, innovation, career development and but also challenges we face as a society.

Experts, rolemodels and business leaders shared their knowledge and experience on stage. Some even offered one-on-one speed-coaching sessions for interested festival attendees.

The event also incorporates networking areas, interactive sessions with industry experts and access to expo partners. The expo is a well-curated melange of lifestyle brands, startups and artists who promote their offerings to the curious audience.

BEcome A Leader

Step into the spotlight. Start using your incredible talents for the good of our society and the economy. Make an impact, become a leader!

Verena Eugster and Patricia Zuppan-Eugster, sisters and founders of the festival are convinced that this is the message the world needs to hear right now. To encourage more women to become pioneers, innovators and trailblazers and to shine brightly in their leading roles.

We are excited to amplify this message and didn’t hesitate to come up with an adequate product to support the event producer’s needs. For an event format including ticketing and secure guest access requirements, our elegant satin wristbands provided the necessary security features for guest entry.

Our satin ribbons are weaved to the softest touch and available in a large range of bright and cheerful colours. The whole length of the ribbon – 39cm in total – can be used for imprinting messages, logos, even QR codes to interact with the audience. A small but mighty secure lock slider ensures that only ticket owners can re-enter the festival premises.

Our Approach

Highlighting Female Virtues


Our satin wristbands are produced in Switzerland while the finishing touches, assembly and quality control are performed in collaboration with the non-profit organization Nachbarinnen in Wien. The all female team supports the integration of women with migrational backgrounds.


With the intention to offer a product that makes event guests feel special, we created a product with a personable, feminine and timeless character. The soft and shiny satin surface embraces your audience’s wrists and focuses on highlighting your powerful event manifestos.


As part of the festival series 2024, we are giving away premium bracelets with the message Shine Brightly. This message is a reminder of the potential that lies within us and the incredible power of women. The lucky draw was accessible via a QR code displayed on each wristband.


It takes a lot of idealism, passion and sensitivity to curate events that challenge the status quo. We love and support the festival’s beautiful mission to foster a community of empowered and forward-thinking women. It is clear that women need to be encouraged to think bigger and to dare lead the way.

Image Credits

Tetyana Pirker, Hermann Wittekopf via Unsplash