How can you translate your event message into an exclusive + magnetic brand experience?

In order to get someone’s attention these days, communication must be smart and to the point. Brands wish for reliability and lasting effects. They need clever tools and strategies that will make them shine brightly in a crowded market.

Explore our ideas and concepts how you can intensify the relationship with your event audience and create lasting connections through inspiring messages. 

Create memorable experiences

As an event planner and marketing manager you know how important innovative concepts and attention to detail are. Have you been looking for fresh ideas and premium products when it comes to event wristbands?

Did you find any yet? Well, you just did.

It’s time to rethink the status-quo and elevate the concept of event wristbands to a new level by combining entrance functionality with your event or brand message in a fun and bold way.

Make your event registration state-of-the-art and don’t forget to work with a modern guest management software. It’s game-changing and we’d love to tell you more about it.

Keep on reading and dive deeper into the art of messaging on accessories.

Understand the power of authentic messages on a wristband.

It’s a widely loved and trusted concept

Many of us were given our first personalized accessory right after birth. A hospital ID bracelet carries our name and protects us from a mistaken identity.

The journey continues with wristbands at festivals, during holidays or to celebrate our friendship and love – they are perfect gifts, souvenirs and loyal companions.

But why do we love them so much? Simply because these accessories store our memories and emotions, reminding us of the best times of our lives. They have the power to connect and unite us. Many brands have jumped on this train, hoping their logo on a wristband will function as the new favourite piece of jewellery.

We think it’s more than this. Making your brand experience come alive through colour, texture, fonts and packaging design. The wristband is an elegant centre stage for a carefully selected message that speaks directly with your audience.

Find your magic mantra

Great stories aren’t created overnight. They are closely tied to the brand’s identity and must sensibly touch the target audience’s soft spot.

Finding the right message is part of the process and you’ll see how much fun it is!

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What’s the emotion you want to spark in your audience?
How do you want to make your visitors feel?
Why do your guests love your brand?

We’d be happy to discuss your ideas and how we can achieve your convincing design bracelet with a statement together.

Developing a memorable design bracelet with a statement is teamwork. Let’s start right away!

Dare to be bold. Express emotions, make it personal.

A well-considered and authentic message can leave a lasting impression with your target audience. A common idea of marketers is to print brand claims on pens, USB sticks or lighters. We’ve seen them all. The possibilities are endless but mostly the resulting products are uptight and very formal.

That’s why we opted for a charming design bracelet, nodding to the idea of jewellery with a personal touch. The message should be so much more than just a flat slogan. Context, credibility and originality create a direct emotional connection with your target audience.

Leave a lasting impression with your audience

Events are a perfect way to enhance and strengthen this connection in real life. They provide the opportunity to create memories and spark inspiration. It’s the ideal time to cultivate lasting relationships and leave a mark on your visitor’s hearts – or shall we say, wrists. Don’t waste that precious chance.

Create memories

the wristband and ist message lets guests remember the event even months after the evening

Establish connections

both during and after the event, the bracelet creates a feeling of cohesion and belonging

Strengthen identity

Colors trigger emotions, they create a subtle connection to the brand

Spark inspiration

Worn as a private accessory, the bracelet will act as a reliable “icebreaker” and has already stimulated many a nice conversation or made new acquaintances.