GE HealthCare | ISUOG World Congress

Scope: Guest registration, digital lead management, data collection and direct CRM interface
Locations: Singapore, Seoul, London, Berlin and Vienna
Years: 2018-2023


GE HealthCare focuses on providing advanced technology and integrated solutions to improve and drive innovation in healthcare. Once a year, the company’s Ultrasound Women’s Health division showcases their innovations at the global summit in obstetrics and gynaecology.

GE HealthCare is a global leader in medical technology and diagnostics. The company focuses on delivering innovative and integrated healthcare solutions that empower clinicians, enhance patient care, and drive better health outcomes across the continuum of care.

Voluson Ultrasound is a brand of ultrasound systems developed by GE HealthCare, specifically designed for obstetrics and gynecology applications. The Voluson series of ultrasound machines are known for their advanced imaging capabilities, including 3D/4D imaging, high-resolution imaging, and specialized features tailored to meet the unique needs of women’s healthcare.

Serving a diverse range of stakeholders including healthcare providers such as obstetricians, gynecologists, radiologists, sonographers, hospitals and clinics, imaging centers, researchers and educators, GE HealthCare and their dedicated team work on improving healthcare outcomes through innovation and research.

A Healthier Future For Women

Once a year, the Voluson Ultrasound Women’s Health division showcases their newest devices and innovations at the ISUOG World Congress, a global summit in obstetrics and gynecology. For this prestigious conference, GE Healthcare decided to set a new benchmark by providing an innovative way to register, inform and inspire their audience.

The Voluson team required a sophisticated solution to streamline attendee registration and engagement. One of the challenges was to create a user-friendly and efficient workflow that could handle large volumes of guests while providing insightful data collection.

We designed NFC-embedded wristbands with the company’s inspiring slogan A Healthier Future For Women, reflecting GE HealthCare’s commitment to advancing women’s healthcare. The wristbands served as a useful tool during registration at the Voluson Club Lounge.

Equipped with this powerful but charming tech gadget, customers were able to access the VIP lounge and express their interest for the exhibited Voluson machines. A simple wristband tap at dedicated kiosks adjacent to the ultrasound devices recorded interest in the product.

The number of tapped wristbands integrated seamlessly into GE HealthCare’s CRM system and recorded marketing and sales qualified leads, ready for internal processing and sales follow up.

Our Approach

Create Unique Experiences For Visitors And Organizers

Personalization Service

As a special service for the highly valued healthcare audience, the premium NFC wristbands were digitally personalized and could therefore be delivered to all pre-registered guests prior to the event. This level of dedication significantly enhances the quality of business relationships with customers.

Smarter Visitor Registration

Registration workflows at conferences can be challenging, especially when the audience is rushed for attending sessions and workshops. The Voluson team created a place for its valued customers to network in a relaxed atmosphere. Our pre-registered wristbands allowed for quick access to the exclusive lounge.

Efficient Data Collection

Inside the exhibition lounge, customers enjoyed comfortable seating, the finest coffee at the trade show, and dedicated kiosks to tap their wristbands, indicating interest in the displayed ultrasound machines. These taps were digitally recorded and transferred to the CRM sales software, streamlining the sales process and enhancing customer engagement.


Insightful event and user behavior data are invaluable for strategic sales and marketing decisions. Implementing technology into the customer journey must be done thoughtfully and accessibly to ensure users adopt and enjoy the experience. This approach not only facilitates better decision-making but also enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

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