IP Österreich | Less Is More Summer Party

Scope: Digital check-in and live game scoring
Category: Entertainment
Location: Colloseum XXI, Vienna
Year: 2017


A market leader in the media sales industry, IP Österreich is renowned for its exceptional customer service and top-tier advertising solutions. Their events are celebrated gatherings where the industry’s key players rub shoulders, recognizing and celebrating the company’s achievements.

IP Österreich excels in marketing and distributing advertising space across multiple media channels. As a leading entity in the media industry, the company operates in television, radio, and digital media, providing comprehensive advertising solutions tailored to a diverse array of clients.

Their versatility is evident in their ability to meet the unique advertising needs of various sectors, including consumer goods, automotive, technology, and finance. This broad industry reach demonstrates their capability to adapt and deliver effective strategies for each client.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and market insights, IP Österreich ensures their advertising solutions are both innovative and highly effective in driving engagement and achieving client goals.

Less Is More

When IP Österreich hosted its annual summer party with the innovative theme Less is More, they delivered an unforgettable event that combined minimalist elegance with cutting-edge event technology. The evening celebrated simplicity and sophistication, mirroring the company’s dedication to high-quality, impactful media solutions. The guest list included IP Österreich’s most valued clients, media partners, advertisers, and industry influencers, making it a distinguished gathering of key stakeholders.

The concept emphasized a minimalist white look, focusing on the essentials to create a memorable and impactful experience. Reduced aesthetics were carried throughout the invitations, event styling, and even down to the wristband design.

Upon arrival, guests were checked-in with an easy-to-handle guest management software and digitally personalized NFC wristbands. Inside, the venue was decorated with an understated elegance, perfectly capturing the theme of minimalism. Once the majority of the guests had arrived, the lights went out… What followed was a big surprise for everyone. Fireworks! Walls came down and four colourful studios opened. This is when the real party started. Four studios were carefully staged as walk-ins and presented analog TV theme worlds with interactive gaming stations including NFC check-in kiosks, star guests and food stations.

The NFC wristbands elevated the guest experience by providing seamless access to the event area and activities. Attendees used their wristbands to engage in interactive experiences and collect points, which could later be redeemed for small prizes. This technological integration not only streamlined event operations but also enhanced the playful gamification aspect, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for all participants.

Our Approach

Reduced Design, Full Experience

Innovate The Game

We contributed to the event’s branding by providing sleek, custom-designed NFC wristbands that aligned with the Less is More theme. These wristbands not only added a touch of elegance but also reinforced the event’s modern and innovative atmosphere. They created a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees thus supporting the organizers mission.

Inspire Playfulness

With a mission to enhance a fabulous evening of gamification, our wristbands effortlessly combined style with technology. Designed to act as lucky charms, the event bracelets softly wrapped around their guests’ wrists and added a layer of easiness and fun to the event. When needed, they provided effortless access to event games and assisted in calculating individual guest activity scores.

Evaluate Event Data

Transitioning from simplified guest registration systems to a comprehensive digital system offers significant advantages for large events. We work with software partners offering complete solutions from online invitation and registration tools to live reporting. These features give organizers invaluable insights into attendance and activity levels with real-time data.


Overall, the Less is More summer party was a delightful blend of elegance and innovation, perfectly capturing IP Österreich’s flair for hosting innovative and memorable events. The playful integration of NFC wristbands brought an extra layer of fun, transforming a sophisticated gathering into an interactive celebration.


Creative Agency: Fuchs und Freude
Image Credits: Philipp Lipiarski / Good Life Crew