IP Jungle Camp

Live Game Scoring

Guests discovered gaming stations throughout the venue, where active participation was rewarded and digitally recorded via NFC wristbands.

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IP Summer Party

Measuring Activity with Real-time Data

With a mission to enhance a fabulous evening of gamification, our wristbands effortlessly combined style with technology.

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Vienna Tourist Board

Luxury NFC Wristbands

The surprise unfolded when the premiere of the new image video was announced and revealed through the NFC chip, smartly hidden in the wristbands.

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Salzburg Summit

Digital Access to Multiple Event Locations

By integrating NFC technology we streamlined the registration and check-in processes, minimizing wait times and enhancing security.

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Bold Community

New Ways of Networking

With a simple tap on the NFC wristband, a digital profile appears, seamlessly transforming a serendipitous meeting into a future business contact.

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GE HealthCare

Lead Management via NFC Wristbands

The wristbands digitally recorded product interest and transferred the data to the CRM software, streamlining the sales process and enhancing customer engagement.

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